Czech Republic

2018-10-15 - 2018-10-26
Total distance: 511 km
Cumulative distance: 1214 km

We continued following the Elbe, which is called the Labe in Czech, and then its main tributary, the Vltava, to Prague. After a few days in the capital, we more or less followed the Czech cycle route 1 from Prague to Brno. This route led us through Kutna Hora, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and across the Bohemian-Moravian highlands to Brno. After Kutna Hora, the route also merges with the Eurovelo 4, the Central European cycle route. From Brno, we continued towards Bratislava in Slovakia.

Following designated bicycle routes, of which there are plenty in the Czech Republic, made our trip easier as they are fairly well marked, and made up from a mix of dedicated bicycle paths and mostly small, quiet roads between villages. After being pampered by the bicycle paths in Germany, we were unsure of what to expect on the roads in the Czech Republic, but Czech drivers have been unexpectedly gracious and careful, giving us a wide berth of space when overtaking. Cycling along the rivers and through the hills, through forests and villages, it has been a varied and interesting experience!


Along the river to Prague


We crossed from Germany into the Czech Republic at a tiny crossing for bicycles and pedestrians only. The impressive rock formations of the Elbe Sands

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Away from the river and into the hills


After a good two rest days in Prague, we continued our journey more or less following the Cycle Route 1 from Prague to Brno, the second largest city i

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Best All
Hřensko, the first town on the Czech side Crossing into country #2! View of Děčín castle on the Labe (Elbe) river Our couchsurfing host in Děčín let us stay in his cozy garden house for the night. Shepherd's Wall in Děčín. The building on top used to be a wooden refuge hut and was replaced in 1905 by a - still wooden - building in the shape of a romantic castle Terraced gardens in Děčín Castle Děčín Castle (looks much more impressive from below than from the front) The "Long Ride", a long, straight-walled road leading up to the castle View from Děčín Castle Rock climbing on Shepherd's Wall in Děčín Střekov Castle, next to the Masaryk sluices The water level upstream of the Masaryk sluices were much higher and seemed to be kept at a constant level, allowing roads and buildings to be built very close to the water level Roudnice nad Labem, view from our campsite across the Labe (Elbe) river Říp Mountain. According to legend, the first Czechs settled there, and today the mountain is a Czech national cultural monument. Veltrusy Castle, along the Vltava river Veltrusy Slalom Course, an artificial whitewater kayak course next to the adjacent Mirejovice sluice and hydroelectric power station Bridge across the Mirejovice sluice and hydroelectric power dam Nelahozeves Castle Hannah along the Vltava river Hannah along the Vltava river

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