2019-02-17 - 2019-03-16
Total distance: 608 km
Cumulative distance: 6083 km

Immediately after entering Georgia from Turkey, we spent a week in Batumi, the country's second largest city, to rest, recover, and repair. From there, we headed to Kutaisi, the ancient capital of western Georgia, and then over the Rikoti pass to eastern Georgia, passing through Gori and Mtskheta on the way to the capital Tbilisi. After getting our Iranian visas in Tbilisi, we continued on to the Azerbaijan border at Lagodekhi, at the foothills of the Greater Caucasus mountains.


The Rain in Colchis


Entering Georgia from Turkey was a bit of a shock to us. The people were colder, the houses were colder, and the drivers were the worst we had encount

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Spring has sprung in Iberia


From the Rikoti pass, we rolled down to Khashuri, where we camped for the first time in Georgia. With the skies finally clear after a week of rain, we

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Nurigeli Lake in Batumi, with the Dolphinarium, hotels and the downtown skyline in the background Batumi Cathedral of the Mother of God. Originally built as a Catholic church around 1900, it was used as a high-voltage laboratory during Soviet times and transferred to the Georgian Orthodox Church in 1989. Batumi Tower, with a ferris wheel attached to it, was originally intended to house the new Batumi Technical University. After construction was completed, it was realised that the building was not really suitable as an education facility, so it stood empty for a few years before being transformed into a hotel. Piazza complex in Batumi. The whole square is built in Italian piazza style, but in 2010, and looks way too modern. View of much of the Georgian coast north of Batumi. If you look at the full size version, you can see the snowy mountains of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range above the sea on the left. Skyline of downtown Batumi, from left to right: Chacha Tower (that reportedly dispenses the Georgian national alcoholic beverage 'chacha' daily at 7pm), Radisson Hotel, Batumi Tower (with integrated ferris wheel), Porta Batumi Tower and Alphabet Tower Ali & Nino, two statues that rotate slowly and move through each other every 10 minutes without touching. The installation is inspired by the Azerbaijani novel "Ali & Nino", that tells of the love between an Azerbaijani Muslim aristocrat and a Christian Georgian princess. Street in downtown Batumi, with the tower of the former National Bank building in the background Europe Square in Batumi with the Batumi Tower in the background and the statue of Medea with the Golden Fleece on the right Former building of the Georgian National Bank, with an astronomical clock on the tower Neptune Fountain on Theater Square in Batumi Cute beach sculpture in Batumi "White Magnolia" apartment block near our flat in Batumi. Construction only finished in 2011, but the building already looked quite run down and half-abandoned when we were there. New buildings near our apartment in Batumi Restaurant in the style of the Athenian Parthenon in Batumi Hotel in the style of the Roman Colosseum in Batumi Alley of Heroes in Batumi, with the arc of the "Black Sea Gate" in the background The Armenian Apostolic Church in Batumi The dancing fountains on Batumi Boulevard, this time with light and music Skyline of downtown Batumi after sunset

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