2019-02-17 - 2019-03-16
Total distance: 608 km
Cumulative distance: 6083 km

Immediately after entering Georgia from Turkey, we spent a week in Batumi, the country's second largest city, to rest, recover, and repair. From there, we headed to Kutaisi, the ancient capital of western Georgia, and then over the Rikoti pass to eastern Georgia, passing through Gori and Mtskheta on the way to the capital Tbilisi. After getting our Iranian visas in Tbilisi, we continued on to the Azerbaijan border at Lagodekhi, at the foothills of the Greater Caucasus mountains.


The Rain in Colchis


Entering Georgia from Turkey was a bit of a shock to us. The people were colder, the houses were colder, and the drivers were the worst we had encount

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Spring has sprung in Iberia


From the Rikoti pass, we rolled down to Khashuri, where we camped for the first time in Georgia. With the skies finally clear after a week of rain, we

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