2018-10-03 - 2018-10-15
Total distance: 703 km
Cumulative distance: 703 km

So this is where our whole crazy plan begins. But to be as reasonable as possible in making crazy plans, we decided to follow the Elberadweg (cycling path along the Elbe river) from Hamburg all the way through Germany to the Czech Republic. We figured that this would be a relatively easy start, being flat and with good cycling infrastructure, and would allow us to ease into this whole bicycle touring thing.

And things have gone pretty much according to plan! Apart from a few cold and wet days at the start, and some strong headwinds, we have been remarkably lucky with the weather, and have had lots of warm (20+ degrees) sunny days. We've repacked and reorganised our bags a few times to try to bring them into a more logical order for daily use. We're improving on our daily routine. We've got fitter (we hope). And all this while meeting new people through Warmshowers and Couchsurfing, and learning about the many small, interesting places we pass through. It's been a good start!


The beginning...


So we have a flat tire already. Before our bicycles even left the basement. But everything is packed and prepared, so after that is fixed, we're final

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From Hamburg to Magdeburg


After 6 days of cycling, we've arrived in Magdeburg! It has been a good start to our trip so far, cycling next to the Elbe river enjoying the flat lan

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From Magdeburg to the Czech border


We took our first rest day in Magdeburg. These rest days have been important so far, not so much because cycling is too exhausting, but because the cy

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Best All
Heiko is packing Fixing the first puncture before we even left... We're on our way! Crossing the Ilmenau Crossing the Ilmenau Crossing the Ilmenau with Jörg The fish ladder at Geesthacht The sluice at Geesthacht where ships can pass the barrage. Lauenburg Hannah testing how comfortable it is to sit in a stork's nest. You can watch the beavers sleeping in their lodge through a window. Beavers are active at night. To circumvent Christian fasting rules forbidding meat, beavers were declared fish... The beaver's lodge with attached visitor's house from above. On the lookout tower of the Biosphaerium. Biosphaerium Elbtalaue, featuring exhibitions on local bird, fish and beaver populations, as well as the impact of human cultivation on the Elbe river. Reorganising all our bags into a more logical arrangement Farmhouse at Darzau, where we stayed with a Warmshowers host. Ferry across the Elbe Ferry across the Elbe Cycling on the dyke

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