2020-02-11 - 2020-02-19
Total distance: 430 km
Cumulative distance: 17234 km

We took a relatively short and flat route through Laos - probably as flat as it gets for any route crossing the country from east to west. After a long climb up to the mountain pass that forms the border between Vietnam and Laos, we descended into Lak Sao, and then continued across a number of relatively small hills to Vieng Kham. Here, we reached Route 13, the main road through Laos, that we followed to Vientiane - a flat stretch of road along the Mekong river. After a few days in Vientiane, we crossed the border to Thailand.


Peace at last


While planning our route through Laos, we considered several options through the mountains of northern Laos. However, after much deliberation, we real

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