2018-10-26 - 2018-10-29
Total distance: 115 km
Cumulative distance: 1329 km

After crossing the Slovakian border, we merged up with the Eurovelo 13 and followed this route all the way within the country. Also known as the Iron Curtain Route, the Eurovelo 13 follows the former borders between East and West Europe, from the northernmost border between Norway and Finland to the southernmost border between Bulgaria and Turkey. In Slovakia, the route traces only a short 90km section along its border with Austria, mostly along the Morava river, merging with the Danube just before Bratislava. From Bratislava, we continued following the Eurovelo 13 along the Austrian-Hungarian border.


A sliver of Slovakia


We only spent three nights in Slovakia, two of them in the capital Bratislava. After crossing the Czech border, we spent the first two days cycling cl

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