2019-06-24 - 2019-08-03
Total distance: 1242 km
Cumulative distance: 10989 km

First, we headed to Tajikistan's capital, Dushanbe, to make our last preparations for probably the most challenging part of our trip, the famous Pamir Highway. From Dushanbe, we took the southern route via Kulob to the Panj river, that also marks the border with Afghanistan. Following the river on the Tajik side, we passed through Qalai Khumb and Khorog before turning away from the Afghan border to stay on the main Pamir Highway. We followed this road up into the high Pamirs, crossing several 4000+m passes and passing through Murghab to reach the highest point of our trip, the Ak-Baital pass at an elevation of 4655m. After the pass, we passed by the Karakul lake and crossed over the Kyzyl-Art pass to Kyrgyzstan.


Into the Pamirs


The rumors are true - immediately after the border from Uzbekistan, there were far fewer car horns. The border crossing was smooth, too. The German Mi

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Along the Afghan Border


Arriving at the Panj river, we had hoped that the worst of the heat would be over for now, with the valley being cooled by the river and with us slowl

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Altitude Madness


After our long break in Khorog, it was finally time to tackle the high Pamirs. Leaving Khorog up the main M41, also known as the Pamir Highway (which

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Marmot Madness


Alichur means Ali's curse, and it's easy to see how the village got its name. After passing by only lone houses in last three days of cycling, the sig

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