2019-05-30 - 2019-06-03
Total distance: 180 km
Cumulative distance: 8946 km

Like most other travellers to Turkmenistan, we rushed through the country on a 5-day transit visa, as a tourist visa is expensive and requires one to have a guide. To actually have some time to see the country, instead of sitting on our bicycles from sunrise to sunset everyday (110km x 5 days), we only cycled for two days from the Iranian border at Sarakhs to Tejen, and then took a train from there to Bayramaly. We stayed there for two nights to see the ruins of Merv, and then took a bus to Turkmenabat, from where it was only a short distance more to the Uzbekistan border at Farap.


The lazy cyclists' ride through Turkmenistan


Tourist visas for Turkmenistan are expensive - you need to book a tour through a tour company, and it can cost over a hundred dollars a day. Most inde

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